M-STEP information

The M-STEP State testing for grades 3-5 will take place this spring.  To find out more information about this required statewide test, visit this link: M-STEP: WHAT IT IS and HOW IT WORKS.

Please avoid all doctors appointments and vacation days on the dates that your child is scheduled to participate in the state wide M-STEP testing.  Thank you for your attention to these dates.

NOTE: If your child is ill, we will administer the tests on make-up dates.  Do not send your child to school ill. We ask only that you avoid late arrivals, doctor appointments and vacation days on the dates listed below.

  • Grade 5: April 10, 11, 12, ,17 (9am – 12pm)

  • Grade 3: April 24, 26 (9am-12 pm)

  • Grade 4: May 8, 10 (9am-12pm)

  1. Get plenty of sleep.

  2. Arrive to school on time.

  3. Bring:  2 healthy snacks and a water bottle.

  4. Remind your child that all of our learning all year long has prepared us for these tests.  This is our opportunity to show what we know!

Blubber Experiment

Today in science we asked the question, “What internal structures help grizzlies survive?”  After our initial predicting was complete we did the following experiment.  The following video explains our experiment.  ENJOY!

Phenomenal Science

In fourth grade we have started working on our first Phenomenal Science Unit called Built for Science. We are trying to answer the question: What external structures does the plant have that help it survive in its environment. The class was able to watch short video clips and then began working on their models.

Electronics and JET’s Pizza Day!

Tomorrow, Friday, October 27 is ELECTRONICS DAY!  ….BECAUSE we earned it!!!!  Students can bring their favorite electronic to school.  We will have moments throughout our day where we can pull them out and hang out with friends to showcase what we can do.  ALSO, because of our awesome parents and our awesome neighborhood Jet’s Pizza …. we get ANOTHER pizza party!  We will eat lunch in our classroom…. enjoying our JET’s PIZZA!  Students will be given 2 slices.  Students can bring their lunch boxes to supplement their lunch and/or get school lunch.  It’s going to be a GREAT day!  Thank you parents!!!!

Walk-a-thon Winners!!!!

On Wednesday, October 11, at 12:30 we will be riding in style in a 24 passenger Excursion limo.  Our driver will be escorting us to Pizza Ranch in Hudsonville where we will be dining in a community room with Pepperoni & Cheese pizzas and Cactus and Blueberry dessert pizzas, as well as drinking soft drinks.  We will then be returning to school after lunch.  Thank you to all of our parents, grandparents and friends for your generosity and for the Parent Club for making this happen!