Winter Recesses Are Here!

Winter recess fun includes building forts, slipping and sliding!  Please pack extra socks and mittens for THREE recesses of fun, but cold weather.  Also, slippers with rubber bottoms are the easiest thing to put on after coming in from recess.  One more thing….. there are 24 students in the class and most of us have BLACK snow pants.  Please label your child’s name on EVERYTHING!  Our  “Lost and Found” is growing quickly with unlabeled items.  

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This is just a reminder that tomorrow, Friday, December 2nd, is another early release day. If your child has any changes in how they are going home, please let me know!

Also, your child will have a chance to share their Diversity Day papers and the item that they chose to bring tomorrow. If you’re not sure what that is, check your child’s mail from earlier in the week. Remember – this is due tomorrow! :)

If you have any questions about either of these, please let me know.

Friday- Half Day

On our half day Fridays… we have been using our time to do Social Studies projects.  This Friday, we will make a timeline of our lives.  We will be thinking of 5 important things that have happened to us in our lives (for example, what year we were born, what year did we learn how to walk, what year did we go to school, what year did we learn how to ride a bike, etc.).  It would help your child, if you could discuss some of these important events in their lives and write down any facts you can share with them.

Also, we will celebrate our diversity with Diversity Day!  In your child’s mail on Tuesday there was a paper describing what Diversity Day is.  We will share pictures, artifacts, books and stories told by our family members about where our grandparents or great grandparents or parents immigrated from.  We will set up the room like a museum to see all the treasures.  Thank you for helping your child collect these items!

5th Grade Candy Cane Sale

The annual 5th grade
 Candy Cane sale
is officially here!
Inline image 2
The annual candy cane sale has returned. Our 5th-grade classes will sell candy canes to help raise money for their end of year activities.
This year the sale runs from Monday, December 5 through Friday, December 16   
The cost for each candy cane is $1.00 and they will be delivered the same day they are ordered.
Thank you for your support and Happy Holidays!

Our Writing Celebration!

Last week we picked our FAVORITE personal narratives out of our writing folder and PUBLISHED them!  Then we shared our stories with friends in Mr. Poll’s 2nd grade class!  After we shared our stories, we watched Mr. Poll, Ms. Genzink and Mrs. Greenlund act out a personal narrative written by Josiah.  It was a FUN morning!

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2nd Graders Learn How Our Government Keeps Us Safe!

Last Friday, Deputy Busse and his partner, Andy, came to school to teach our second graders about his job as a police officer and how him and Andy work together.   This was a great way to culminate our Social Studies unit and see firsthand how our government helps keep our community safe. Next week Tuesday, our Hudsonville mayor will come to Georgetown and share with us about his job.