Sheriff vs. State

Every week we get to celebrate one student in the class.  Last week Kacey was our “someone special” and she brought in her mom and dad for her “Show and Tell”. Dad works for the Sheriff’s Department and mom works for the State Police, so we learned about the brown and the blue.  Dad read us the book Officer Buckle and Gloria  and let us check out his patrol car (inside and out).  We learned that their job in our community is to keep us safe!  Thank you Mr. and Mrs. Schaller!

Fort Day

In 2nd grade we have a classroom clip, similar to the individual clips.   Points are awarded when the class clip stays on green or higher.  Every 20 points we get to have a “special” day that is voted on by the students.  Today during reading time we got to move under the tables and use our blankets to complete the fort.

*This week we had a challenge to get inside the classroom within 10 minutes of returning from a recess.  The week before we had students who dawdled in the hallway.  If students took their snow gear off and put everything in their locker and were in the room they received a clip up.  With 3 recesses, there were many students who landed on Outstanding this week.  They have proven they can do it!

Writing Celebration

Today we concluded our Informational Writing unit with a celebration with Mrs. VanKoevering’s class.  We read our stories to our friends and then acknowledged our success with a toast!  Thank you to Selah Perron’s family for providing the water bottles!  You will notice in one of the pictures Mr.Rob!  He came in our classroom to fix our reading basket frames!  We are so thankful he is always willing to serve!

What we noticed…. on the first day of winter (12/21/16)

Our walk in the woods on 12/21/16 was more brisk than the fall walk, however, we noticed many new

things.  We saw holes in the snow, bunny tracks, a bunny burrough, bunny poop, snow, gray skies, just a little grass poking through the snow, people tracks, and the pond was frozen.  Three people think they saw deer tracks, but the group decided it was bunny tracks. 🙂

Unit 4 Math- Counting Coins

Today we started Unit 4 and the first Big Idea works on counting money amounts.  When children count money amounts, they draw on their ability to skip count or to add quickly, and they learn to shift the counting amount when counting different coins.  At 2nd grade level, children are given coins in order from greatest to least value.  At home, you could practice counting money with your child by first collecting a group of coins and sort them.  Please then point out that ordering the coins before counting makes it easier to count the coins quickly.

Finding and learning the coins combinations that are equivalent to a nickel, a dime, a quarter, and a dollar gives children much practice in adding within 100 and is important as a real life skill.

Economics in 2nd Grade!

Brenda Raterink was a guest speaker in our classroom teaching us about Economics.  Brenda Raterink is the Program Coordinator for the Ag in the Classroom Program in Ottawa County. She grew up on a farm and has a Bachelor’s degree from Michigan State University in Agricultural Economics. Brenda and her husband own and operate a family dairy farm in Zeeland.

Mrs. Raterink explained the journey from cow’s milk to the milk we buy at the store. Our second graders learned that dairy farmers have many expenses to pay in order to operate, just like our families and businesses.  We had an opportunity to be producers, transporters, processors and consumers through the process of gathering materials, transporting, producing and then finally distributing trail mix.

The Ag in the Classroom program is available to school classes at no charge. There are several types of lessons that fit into the elementary curriculum and meet the Michigan Content Standards.  Materials and supplies are provided free for each lesson. Each session takes between 45-60 minutes. All lessons include hands-on activities that children will enjoy doing.  Thank you to Brenda Raterink for a GREAT lesson!

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Winter Recesses Are Here!

Winter recess fun includes building forts, slipping and sliding!  Please pack extra socks and mittens for THREE recesses of fun, but cold weather.  Also, slippers with rubber bottoms are the easiest thing to put on after coming in from recess.  One more thing….. there are 24 students in the class and most of us have BLACK snow pants.  Please label your child’s name on EVERYTHING!  Our  “Lost and Found” is growing quickly with unlabeled items.  

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