Math Quick Quiz 1

On Monday we took our first Math Quick Quiz.  After each “Big Idea” we take an assessment that helps build the grade for the report card.

Attached to your child’s Quick Quiz is a grading sheet that says: Unit 1:  Quick Quiz #1

_________ I can fluently add and subtract within 20

_________ I can identify odd and even numbers.

I will put a 1,2 or 3 on the lines.

1- below basic expectations

2- basic and inconsistent understanding of knowledge and skills.

3-proficient: solid, consistent performance of knowledge and skills.

*The goal is a 3! If your child receives a 1 or a 2 on the grading sheet, know that we will continue to work on that standard with your child.  We ask that you will work with your child as well.

**There will be a Unit test that will cover those same standards in the near future…. so with all of us working together, I am sure we will have success!

Word Study

Each week we study 2 different word lists.  

First, there is a list of 5 words that can be found weekly on the homework packet and on this blog on the page titled:  Word Study Words.  We do a lesson on these words each day of the week and take a final assessment on Fridays (scores will be on the report card). The graded spelling tests will come home on Monday.  I will also be evaluating your child’s writing pieces to see if the same words are being spelled correctly in their every day writing.

Also, there is a list of 10 words that we work on throughout the week, that has a specific spelling feature that I want the students to focus on.  Last week we worked on Short A words.  Next week we will work on Short E words.  I do not assess these words at the end of the week.  

Walk-A-Thon 2016!!!!

On Friday, September 23, 2016 Georgetown had it’s annual Walk-a-Thon!  THANK YOU to our amazing Georgetown PTC for the fun games and activities, as well as a refreshment table to support our athletes!  The Walk-a-thon created another great memory for the 2016-2017 school year!


img_9172 img_9173 img_9174 img_9175 img_9178 img_9179 img_9180 img_9183 img_9185 img_9186 img_9187


Our school Walk-a-thon is on Friday, September 23. This is our biggest fund raiser of the year. This money is used for technology, field trips, classroom supplies, and other learning needs. Our goal is for every child to raise at least $25. There are some amazing prizes to be given away for our top earners and classrooms. You are welcome to come walk around the track with us from 9:45 – 10:30. Students should wear comfortable shoes for walking and dress in red, white and blue.

Check out Mrs. Reagan’s blog post about the WalkAThon.•a•thon-2016/

Amelia’s Amazing Corn!


Amelia’s Corn

It’s quite amazing to think that the corn plant Amelia started last spring could fit in the palm of her hand.  I’m wondering what she fed her corn plant to make it grow so high.  Looking forward to seeing all of you next week at the Open House!

Summer Reading = Ice Cream!


Look who received their “What’s The Scoop” gift cards in the mail!  Addison and Grant were busy reading during the month of July and both earned their ice cream!  We have one more drawing on August 30. Go to and keep reading!!!!!

Nicholas Hare

IMG_3644Last spring, during our Plant Unit in Science, we planted Indian corn and beans.  Today I received this picture of Nicholas with his Indian corn!   What a difference a few months makes!