Love Monster

We are SO thankful to be back at school and hope all the tricks to get a snow day have been eliminated! Today we had our Kindergarten buddies visit our classroom and we learned that there are times when we have had the trouble called, “NO FRIENDS”. In our story, Love Monster, he had trouble finding a friend and we learned all the things he tried to find a friend. It was a great time to discuss how to find a friend on the playground, in the classroom and on the bus.

Welcome Back!

I am looking forward to the morning bell wishing everyone back after a long winter break! Just a few reminders about this week! First of all we have PE in the morning. I know of a few students who brought their gym shoes home, so please check the backpack! Also, don’t forget a snack and water bottle.

This week we will begin our reading homework and students have free choice to read whatever they want. In the classroom we will be in book clubs and we will be reading Adventure/Survival stories. I will be modeling lessons while reading The Hatchet. The growth mindset theme for this month is “Feedback… it’s a gift”. We will be practicing peer evaluations throughout this month while in our book clubs.

I wish you a very Happy New 2019 and look forward to our continued work to get our children ready for 5th grade!


Georgetown Holiday Program

SAVE THE DATE!! Mark it on your calendar that the Holiday Program is on Dec. 13 at Fair Haven Church.

Kindergarten – 2nd grade will perform at 6:30 with drop off time being at 6:15

3rd grade – 5th grade will perform at 7:45 with drop off time being at 7:30

Room assignments will come out later.

If you would like to order a DVD of the program, please use the order form and send it in with a check.                                                                  GEORGE


5th Grade Candy Cane Sale

download.png                  download.png                  download.png                    download.png                   download.png

The annual candy cane sale is coming! Our 5th grade classes will be selling candy canes to help raise money for their 5th grade activities. The sale will be from Monday, December 3rd  through Friday, December 14th. The cost for each candy cane is $1.00 and they will be delivered the same day they are ordered. Thank you in advance for your support!

Culver’s Night

Monday, November 19 is Georgetown’s night at the Culvers on 7393 Cottonwood Dr, Jenison! A portion of all sales between 5:00 and 8:00 will go to the PTC. You can either come in and eat or go through the drive thru.

I’m sorry to say I will not be able to be there for this event. 🙁 but please, bring your family by for dinner or get a concrete mixer and support your school!  🙂

Grand Valley State University Statistics Poster Competition

For our next unit in reading we are focusing on Informational Texts. Each student is working on choosing a topic to read and study for about a month.  A great extension for the reading we will be doing is a project through Grand Valley State University. Grand Valley has a poster competition that I’m hoping you and your child will investigate. If interested, please click on the link above to learn about rules, registration and more information.