Kindergarten Buddies!

One of the biggest highlights of each day is providing a service to our Kindergarten buddies. We help them put up their chairs, sing the good-bye poem, and then take them out to their buses, or walk them to parent pick up or to Eagle’s Nest. 

Football Game Update

The football game we are being invited to has a different date, it will NOT be on September 14 as told earlier.  The new date is Friday, October 5. On that new date we have been invited to join Ryan Szlachcic on the field. There will be more information to come.

Sharks and Minnows

What’s the BEST way to end a week? Play Sharks and Minnows with our Hudsonville Senior football player Ryan Szlachcic! Before our game, Ryan helped us collect the recycling papers and bring them out to the Paper Gator. We look forward to watching him play next Friday at Eagle Stadium!

Heart of Hudsonville Photo Contest

Hi Hudsonville Families,

We invite you to participate in the 2018 Heart of Hudsonville photo contest, brought to you by Hudsonville Family Dentistry!

Entries are accepted in the following categories:

  • Hudsonville Family Dentistry’s Best Smile
  • Hudsonville Good Living is…
  • Hudsonville’s Awe Inspiring Nature
  • Down on the Farm

It’s FREE to enter and you can submit as many entries as you’d like.  The grand prize this year is a $250 gift card to B&H Photo.

See the full details here:

Have a great week and happy photographing!

Michelle Fare

Marketing Coordinator, City of Hudsonville

Hudsonville Senior Volunteer

Senior football player, and former Georgetown student, Ryan  Szlachcic, has chosen our classroom to be the place he would like to volunteer for the next couple months. He has also invited us to attend the football game on Friday, September 14, which I’ve learned is Youth Night. Any student in our classroom, who can attend the game, will be on the field before the game to cheer the team on. There will be MANY more details to come, but I wanted to let you know now so you can plan on this special event! 

The 2nd BEST day of 4th grade!

Today we focused on partner work and our breathing. We also started our first math lesson on place value, we discussed what we need to do our best reading and started reading STONE FOX, in writing we started a pre-assessment by writing about an important person in our life and a memory we had with that person, and in Social Studies we will begin working on Economics and we started reading a book titled, “Lawn Boy,” by Gary Paulsen. The globe activity was a partner activity, in which they had to see, think and wonder about the Earth. We used our indoor recess games at noon, since it was raining. We ended our day by taking our Kindergarten bus buddies to their busses. It has been an amazing first two days of fourth grade!

The Paper Gator

Did you know that Georgetown has a Paper Gator? Did you know that this is a fundraiser for our school? You can help by putting your paper, newsprint, magazines, phone books, office paper or catalogs from home, into the bin! Also, every classroom has a recycling box and on each Friday one of the fourth grade classes provides a service to the school, by collecting all the paper and putting it into the Paper Gator. There are four fourth grade classrooms, so we do it about once a month. Please consider bringing your recycled paper to Georgetown!

It WAS a GREAT first day of 4th grade!

We had such a great first day of fourth grade HOWEVER, the only picture I captured throughout the day was of Asher losing his tooth, just minutes upon arrival! Other highlights of the day include the guessing game we played to learn about me (some students think I’m 25 while others guessed me to be 72 :/) , the Two Truths and a Lie game to learn about each other, finding a reading book and starting our reading log (I’ve asked them to read 20 minutes tonight and every night for the remainder of the school year… the reading log should go home and return to school EVERY day), and…we met our Kindergarten bus buddies (who we taught how to do “Cooling Breaths” to calm down when we are mad or when we are hot. Looking forward to another great day in 4th grade tomorrow and hopefully I can remember to take a few more pictures!

1st Day of School Info….

The first day of school is on Tuesday…. I am ready to begin the new year and I hope your 4th grader is also! Two things I would like to remind you to send to school:

  1. Please send the manila envelope that you received during the Open House with the forms completed.
  2. It will be VERY important to bring a water bottle and a snack.

It is very common for many of us to have difficulty falling asleep the night before school begins. Our minds race with thoughts about the day, maybe feeling worried about the work, friends, the new teacher. One exercise that is effective for “those kind of nights” is illustrated in a book called, Just Breathe (meditation, mindfulness, movement and more), by Mallika Chopra.

  1. Lie in bed on your back. Place a comfortable pillow under your head, and get cozy and tucked in to you blanket or sheets.
  2. Put one hand on your stomach and one above your heart.
  3. Close your eyes, and take a natural breath in.
  4. As you breathe in, feel your stomach rise.
  5. Now, breathe out.
  6. As you breathe out, feel how your lungs and the are around your heart settles down.
  7. Try it once again.
  8. Now put your hands by your sides.
  9. Take a break in, slowly, in your head saying, “One, Two. Three.”
  10. And, as you breathe out, in your head, say, “One. Two. Three, Four.”
  11. One Two Three as you breathe in.
  12. One Two Three Four as you breathe out
  13. Do this ten times
  14. When you are done, just continue to breathe normally. Wish yourself sweet dreams and a good night’s sleep.

*If you find that you are still tossing and turning, start from the beginning and count ten breaths again. You may find it easier to change the count to one as you breathe in; One-Two as you breathe out. Try it ten times and then breathe normally again.

Looking forward to a great first day!


I believe in the quote, “There is always, always something to be thankful for”.  Before I turned out the lights in my classroom after the Open House last night, I noticed the grocery bags filled with Kleenex and disinfecting wipes,  the desks filled with supplies, the bus numbers and parent emails were all unchanged, (which I hope means they were all correct!), the parties were filled with parent volunteers and I have a helper for Fridays. THANK YOU! I am grateful for you and for the support you showed me last night. It’s going to be a great year!  I look forward to welcoming the children to school on Tuesday morning!  Please help your child remember to bring:

  1. a water bottle
  2. a mid-morning snack -please view snack time as another opportunity to provide good nutrients to promote learning vs. having a sweet treat. The best choices would be fruit, cheese sticks, vegetables, yogurt.

Also, your child will most likely be exhausted the first week. It will be beneficial to start the earlier bed routine now, so your child has time to adjust.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to send me an email at:

Have a great weekend!