March Is Reading Month!

We started “March Is Reading Month” off right! We found some Dr. Seuss books and headed to Mrs. Baker’s Kindergarten classroom, where they shared a Truffala snack (aka fruit shaped Trix) with us! We had a great time and these relationships continue to grow!

Love Monster

We are SO thankful to be back at school and hope all the tricks to get a snow day have been eliminated! Today we had our Kindergarten buddies visit our classroom and we learned that there are times when we have had the trouble called, “NO FRIENDS”. In our story, Love Monster, he had trouble finding a friend and we learned all the things he tried to find a friend. It was a great time to discuss how to find a friend on the playground, in the classroom and on the bus.

Kindergarten Buddies!

One of the biggest highlights of each day is providing a service to our Kindergarten buddies. We help them put up their chairs, sing the good-bye poem, and then take them out to their buses, or walk them to parent pick up or to Eagle’s Nest.