4th Grade Service Project

Every week a fourth grade class walks around the school and collects paper from each classroom and from the office to put into the Paper Gator. Each month, a company empties the bin and Georgetown receives a check based on its weight. If you sort your paper at home, please consider bringing it to Georgetown’s Paper Gator. You can put newspapers, phone books, magazines, catalogs and office paper in it. I usually collect my papers at home in a brown paper bag and throw it in the bin. You cannot put cardboard, trash, plastic, metal or glass inside. Thank you for your support!

The Paper Gator

Did you know that Georgetown has a Paper Gator? Did you know that this is a fundraiser for our school? You can help by putting your paper, newsprint, magazines, phone books, office paper or catalogs from home, into the bin! Also, every classroom has a recycling box and on each Friday one of the fourth grade classes provides a service to the school, by collecting all the paper and putting it into the Paper Gator. There are four fourth grade classrooms, so we do it about once a month. Please consider bringing your recycled paper to Georgetown!