3rd Grade Polar Express Party 2020 (Pictures and Video)

Polar Express Party Video (<——-click here to see video )

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  We are working on a SPECIAL project. Would you please send a lightbulb? (the cheapest standard lightbulb you have, it can be a burned out light bulb) We will need these by Tuesday. We also need an egg carton if you have one.
  I wanted to give you an update on next week’s party. We will have a Polar Express Party on Friday, December 18, 2020! The party will be in our classroom. We will play games, decorate a sugar cookie and drink hot chocolate. 
  There are a few supplies that we need for the party. The following link will let you know what is still needed: Sign up Genius .
  For the party each student will need to bring:
1. 21 small items to share with classmates (these can be Dollar Store finds like pencils, stickers, play-doh, candy canes or other candy, etc.)
2. A gift bag that can sit on their desk and hold all of their goodies.
* Students will also wear pajamas to school 
Thank you in advance for your help in making this a fun event for our kids!

Week of November 30, 2020! Here We GO!

Week of November 30, 2020

I’m so grateful to have had the opportunity to finally meet during our Zoom Parent/Teacher Conference! I look forward to our continued partnership as we navigate through this crazy year together. Please email me if you have any questions regarding online learning. If for any reason your child cannot log onto our Zoom meeting, please let me know.



This Week’s Online School Schedule:

Monday, November 30 *8:45 am- Zoom Meeting (30 minutes), find Zoom meeting links on Google Classroom.

Tuesday, December 1- *8:45 am Synchronous Learning-Find Zoom meeting links on Google Classroom. See schedule below.

Wednesday, December 2 *8:45 am- Zoom Meeting (30 minutes), find Zoom meeting links on Google Classroom.

Thursday, December 3 and Friday, December 4-*8:45 am Synchronous Learning-Find Zoom meeting links on Google Classroom. Schedule will be similar to Tuesday.

Monday, December 7 and Tuesday, December 8-*8:45 am Synchronous Learning-Find Zoom meeting links on Google Classroom. Schedule will be similar to  Tuesday, Thursday and Friday.

Wednesday, December 9, 2020- We ALL hope to return to school!

Math: We are starting unit 4 on Tuesday. This is a unit on place value.

Writing Workshop: We have completed the Opinion writing unit. We will use these days to practice writing more opinion letters.

Reading Workshop:  We have enjoyed learning how to read mystery books. If your student needs more books please let me know.

This will be a learning curve for all of us and I want you to know that I appreciate your patience with me as I learn how to navigate teaching this way. If there is something that seems overwhelming or confusing, please LET ME KNOW. In case you might have some computer issues, I thought it might be helpful to check out these Tech Tips. The number one strategy for computer issues is restarting your device. I have also created daily 1:1 appointment slots in Calendly. When I’m not teaching online students/parents can meet  with me for any questions, concerns, or if your child just needs some time to talk with me. These appointments are 15 minutes each. Check your email to set up an appointment.

Thank you for LEANING in with me! WE’VE GOT THIS!

Third Grade Update

Book Fair: We previewed the Book Fair books today.  If you are prepared for your child to make a purchase, you may send money with them tomorrow. Please be sure this is in an envelope labeled with your child’s name.
You may use this link to shop the book fair online.

PE CARES: Tomorrow is the final day do bring in canned goods. Thank you for all the items that have come in so far.

At-Home Learning Assignments: Please look for an envelope to come home. In this envelope are the assignments for your child to complete on Friday 11/20, Monday 11/23, Tuesday 11/24, and Monday 11/30.
Starting on Tuesday, 12/1 I will begin using Google Classroom to communicate assignments and lessons. These will be live and/or recorded lessons as well as some scheduled classroom meetings via zoom. I will communicate more about the daily learning schedule over the next few days. Thank you for your support and patience as we make this transition.

Parent/Teacher Conferences: I was able to meet (virtually) with some of you tonight and I look forward to meeting with the rest on Wednesday night to share you child’s progress.

P.E. Cares


The annual P.E. C.A.R.E.S food drive will be starting on November 4. We are asking for your help by bringing in non-perishable food items for Love Inc. in Hudsonville.

Food items to consider are canned vegetables and fruits, pasta, rice, baked beans, black beans, kidney beans, peanut butter, tuna fish, etc. (please no ramen noodles, and please do not break apart packaged food)

The food drive will continue until Nov. 18.  We will be keeping track of how many items each class brings in.  The class with the most items brought in by NOON on Nov. 18 will win a P.E. C.A.R.E.S t-shirt and a bowling trip to Hudsonville Lane. (If allowed this year)

This is a great opportunity for our students to care for their community, to teach our kids compassion and love for others.  Thanks for sharing in this service project with us at Georgetown.