Virtual Field Trips!!!

Here are some virtual field trips for us to take while we are homebound! There are March, April and May “trips”, if you keep scrolling down.


(Just click on the words and then click on the link that appears below the words.)


Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
3/23San Diego Zoo


3/24The Louvre in France – Egyptian Antiquities


3/25The Great Wall of China


3/26Boston Children’s Museum


3/27Canadian Egg Farm


3/30Guggenheim Museum, New York 3/31Live Webcams from the Georgia Aquarium 4/1Mars (Google)

Mars (NASA)

4/2Yellowstone National Park – visit several locations in the park. 4/3Hubble Control Center – Lobby

Hubble Control Center– Operations Room



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Daily activities (weekdays only):

Calendar of Virtual Field Trips for Families

April 2020

4/6How Science Powers Us – Tour of a pharmaceutical lab 4/7Children’s Museum of Indianapolis (Museum at Home videos) 4/8The Louvre in France – The Apollo Gallery 4/9Discover Hawaii (takes a bit to load so please be patient) 4/10Bryce Canyon National Park, Utah
4/13Future U. – Visit Johnson Space Center and meet Boeing employees 4/14Dry Tortugas National Park, Florida 4/15The National Gallery, U.K 4/16Canadian Apple Orchard 4/17St. Louis Aquarium Galleries
4/20Stanley Black and Decker Makerspace 4/21The Louvre in France – History of the Louvre 4/22Space Shuttle Discovery 4/23Carlsbad Caverns National Park, New Mexico 4/24National Gallery of Art, Washington, D.C.
4/27National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, South Korea 4/28Monterey Bay Aquarium Live Animal Cams 4/29Hawai’i Volcanoes National Park, Hawaii 4/30Soar with Wings – exploring social/emotional health 5/1STEM Careers – Improving Animal Health


Calendar of Virtual Field Trips for Families

May 2020


Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
5/4Kenai Fjords National Park, Alaska 5/5Van Gogh Museum, Netherlands 5/6Teaching with Testimony – #strongerthanhate 5/7Polar Bears in the Tundra 5/8Careers that Count – with the NBA
5/11Discover Your HAPPY 5/12Undeniably Dairy- 

 Visit a Dairy Farm

5/13J. Paul Getty Museum, California 5/14Yosemite National Park, California 5/15Technology in Agriculture – Feeding the Growing Globe
5/18Celebrate 400 Years of Shakespeare 5/19Dig into Mining 5/20Smithsonian’s National Zoo 


5/21Colonial Williamsburg Webcams 5/22Star Atlas – explore over 60,000 stars
5/25Memorial Day 5/26The Great Lakes 5/27Powering the Planet – Renewable Energy 5/28Borneo – The Symphony of the Rain Forest 5/29Ellis Island

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