Walk-a-Thon and Spirit Week~ NEXT WEEK!!!

  • Next week is our annual Georgetown Walkathon!!!!! Check out our Spirit Day activities and be ready for a FUN, EXCITING week!
  • Monday (September 21st) – PJ Day
    • Long weekend? Skip a step in the morning routine and come to school in your pajamas.
  • Tuesday (September 22nd) – cRaZy SoCkS Day
    • Break into the mismatch sock drawer and find the funniest, brightest socks for the day.
  • Wednesday (September 23rd) – cRaZy hAiR Day
    • Find the Hairspray and the Hair Dye and come in with some crazy hair.
  • Thursday (September 24th) – Hat Day AND Walkathon Day
    • Couldn’t get all that color out from the day before.   No problem, wear a hat to school to cover it.
  • Friday (September 25th) – Blue and Maize Day
    • Show your school spirit with your favorite Eagles gear, or just wear Blue and Maize.

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