Transportation Policy: BUS PASS for Grades 1-5
Revision approved by school board 8-8-13

The new transportation policy is a step toward eliminating notes for transportation changes to elementary (grade 1-5) level students.

Board Policy has not changed regarding NO NOTES/BUS CHANGES for preK and kindergarten students. This remains the same.

The 2013-14 Pre-Approval Bus Pass Policy is in place for Grades 1-5. The purpose is to reduce end of day confusion with bus changes — time consuming for staff and a safety concern for our students.

Procedures are as follows:
1. Parents must submit the attached BUS PASS to the transportation office by 10:00 am the morning of the transportation change. Parents will be notified by 1:00 pm if request is approved or denied.

2. Paper copies of the Bus Pass downloaded here: www.hudsonville.k12.mi.us
Go to District Information, then Transportation.
Print and complete form.
Fax to Transportation 616-669-4876
Scan/email document Jane Bykerk. Email: jbykerk@hpseagles.net

3. Submit ONLINE BUS PASS NOTE: http://bit.ly/gr1-5buspass

4. Schools will be notified of the changes by 2 pm of the day of change. This will be done by email and/or fax to both principal and secretaries. The bus driver will also receive notification of the change in transportation.

5. Communication of changes: Bus Pass will be posted on district website and transportation site. PRINCIPALS: Please link this to your school site. It would be helpful to put a copy in your start up packet and send out an email to parents…and a blog post. Please help your staff understand the changes, as well.

If you receive traditional note from a parent requesting a change transportation, contact parents to explain the new policy. If the parent cannot make other arrangements, contact the transportation office for temporary approval.

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