Dear Georgetown Parents,

MobyMax is a web-based curriculum we use in our PK-5 classrooms.  In addition to access at school, all students have access to MobyMax at home.  We are hopeful that this site is a useful way for our students to practice skills during the school year, on those occasional snow days and through the summer months.

Features of MobyMax are as follows:

  • Tailored to your child’s individual needs.
  • Placement tests that identify strengths and needs.
  • Targeted instruction to “fill in” missing skills.
  • Systematic review sessions to keep skills fresh

Login steps for your child:

 Go to  and select student and have your child enter login/password.


You go to and click on the mobymax whale image (top left sidebar). Once on the site, select student and have your child enter login/password.

If your child cannot remember their login information, email Mrs. Greenlund at or Mr. Waldie at

 Username: __________;   Password:___________

 Once logged in, your child will immediately start the lessons and begin working on grade level skills.

 You can sign in as a parent as well by selecting “Parent” from the drop-down menu and entering your child’s username and password.  You will be able to monitor your child’s progress from the parent option.


NOTE:  If your child is taking a placement test for a skill area, remind your child that the questions get harder and harder.  If the questions are hard, it might not have been taught yet, meaning it could be coming later in the year or in it isn’t taught until the next grade level.  



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