1st Day of School Info….

The first day of school is on Tuesday…. I am ready to begin the new year and I hope your 4th grader is also! Two things I would like to remind you to send to school:

  1. Please send the manila envelope that you received during the Open House with the forms completed.
  2. It will be VERY important to bring a water bottle and a snack.

It is very common for many of us to have difficulty falling asleep the night before school begins. Our minds race with thoughts about the day, maybe feeling worried about the work, friends, the new teacher. One exercise that is effective for “those kind of nights” is illustrated in a book called, Just Breathe (meditation, mindfulness, movement and more), by Mallika Chopra.

  1. Lie in bed on your back. Place a comfortable pillow under your head, and get cozy and tucked in to you blanket or sheets.
  2. Put one hand on your stomach and one above your heart.
  3. Close your eyes, and take a natural breath in.
  4. As you breathe in, feel your stomach rise.
  5. Now, breathe out.
  6. As you breathe out, feel how your lungs and the are around your heart settles down.
  7. Try it once again.
  8. Now put your hands by your sides.
  9. Take a break in, slowly, in your head saying, “One, Two. Three.”
  10. And, as you breathe out, in your head, say, “One. Two. Three, Four.”
  11. One Two Three as you breathe in.
  12. One Two Three Four as you breathe out
  13. Do this ten times
  14. When you are done, just continue to breathe normally. Wish yourself sweet dreams and a good night’s sleep.

*If you find that you are still tossing and turning, start from the beginning and count ten breaths again. You may find it easier to change the count to one as you breathe in; One-Two as you breathe out. Try it ten times and then breathe normally again.

Looking forward to a great first day!