New from the STEAM Studio

A Note From the STEAM Studio-
Please note that the STEAM teachers have always used Google Classroom as a learning tool in the STEAM studio.  All assignments that are posted while we are doing face to face learning will always be completed in class and should not be worked on at home.  I tend to post assignments ahead of time to work out any issues and students can ignore the email that a new assignment has been posted.  We use Google Classroom differently than the classroom teachers and it was causing a bit of confusion.  Please reach out if you have any questions!

I really appreciate it!  I will get all of your kids into the Google Classrooms for the specialists this week.

Mrs. Angela Totten

STEAM Studio Teacher
Georgetown Elementary
3909 Baldwin St, Hudsonville, MI 49426
(616) 797-9797 Ext 7402

STEAM Studio Update

Dear Parents,

I am thrilled to join the Georgetown family this year as the STEAM Studio teacher. I am a proud graduate of Michigan State University, however due to a lack of jobs in Michigan, my family moved to North Carolina. I have 13 years of teaching experience in grades K-8, including 5 years in a STEM lab. While in NC I became a National Board Certified Teacher and completed my Masters in Teaching and Curriculum through MSU. We are so happy to be back home!

In my spare time I LOVE to read, I am a huge college basketball fan and hope to see the Spartans do great things this year! I love going out to eat at Chilis, Outback, and can’t wait for Chick-fil-A to come to West Michigan (best chicken ever!).

STEAM allows students to connect their learning together with arts practices, elements, design principles, and standards to provide the whole pallet of learning at their disposal. STEAM removes limitations and replaces them with wonder, critique, inquiry, and innovation. We are starting to get into a routine in the STEAM Studio and I am slowly but surely beginning to learn names! I want the students to see the STEAM Studio as a place where they can take risks in their learning, and do so in a safe environment. Please check out my blog for weekly updates on our adventures in STEAM.

Thank you for your continued support,

Angela Totten

(616) 797-9797 Ext 22410; Email

Music, Art, STEAM and P.E…… Our Specials!

Each day at 2:45-3:35 we visit one of our specialists.  On the Homework Packet each day I list Day 1 Day 2 Day 3 Day 4.  

Our Day 1 is Music with Amber Bretz.  The Christmas Concert is at Fair Haven Church on Tuesday, December 13!  For those of you new to Georgetown…. this is a very special program that will get you ready for the holidays!

Day 2 is Art with Josie Brouwer.  There will be an Art Show in April!

Day 3 is the STEAM studio with Angela Totten.  Please click on the link to see what we did today in the Steam Studio!

Day 4 is PE with Taryn Nienhuis and Shelley VanKoevering.  The Turkey Trot is Tuesday, October 25!  There are prizes…. including turkeys!